A Review of Soft Sensor Methods for Mach number Measurement at ‎LAPAN Supersonic Wind Tunnel


  • Jefri Abner Hamonangan Institution/affiliationAeronautics Technology Center, LAPAN
  • Sinung Tirtha Pinindriya Institution/affiliationAeronautics Technology Center, LAPAN


Wind Tunnel, Supersonic, Soft Sensor, Pressure Sensor‎


Wind tunnel is used to provide air flow to an object so that the aerodynamics characteristic of the object can be determined. The given air flow will be varying according to the object working condition. LAPAN Supersonic Wind Tunnel can operate at the speed of 1 – 3.5 Mach. The value of 1 – 3.5 Mach is determined from calculating the measurement of static pressure and stagnation pressure. Sometimes problem occurs when one of the sensor was unavailable to use, this situation can delay the ongoing test in the wind tunnel. The purpose of this paper is to review the soft sensor method to be applied as a backup for the physical sensor


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